Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Style and Art opinion

I have a couple of issues on my mind that I would like to share. Firstly, The term artist, and what it means to me. Recently, I heard an interview with  Tracy Emin on radio 2 , what struck me more than anything was her  reference to being an artist, " I knew what I didn't want to be, I wanted to be an artist" let me say that, An artist is born not made, a person is genetically predisposed to becoming an artist, there is a distinction between creativity and what constitutes an artist. Creativity is within us all, we need it , its a part of being and living, we may use more or less of it in our daily lives, the more you have at any one moment or time span will enable pronounced creative practice. The artist, has a heightened amount of creativity that never diminishes. Creativity that does not suggest, it shouts. An artist has to make time and a place to accomplish the work forced on by creativity. And so when Tracy emin says she wanted to be an artist, well, artists don't have a choice, you are born that way. I would also like to say that a university doesn't make you an artist either, some artists like David hockney who went to the RCA is an artist, and although he was guided and influenced  by the lecturers they didn't make him. He personally  developed. Tracy emin attended the RA. If an individual attends one of the more prestigious art colleges the only time they are made is when they qualify, because these establishments are part of the art elite, and they have networks to establish an artist to such a degree that when they leave,  they have a high prevalence of  notoriety and even fame,  for just attending the university, far more than from any other lesser university. The art world is fuelled by elitism, a select number of artists make it in life, those are not necessarily the most talented. Who gauges what a level of talent is ? is it the lecturers, critics, the layman, or other artists. I have respect for Peter Doig I enjoy his work. But his use of photography, found images and tracing images surprises me all these methods are akin to old style illustration methods, I thought ANY reference to illustration was outdated and frowned upon in the art world! obviously not ..surely,

Peter Doig in his studio 2013

 the artist who imagines a work from start to finish without any extra visual cues is using far more skill, ability and talent, than someone who uses found images (readymades) its easier! Ifs its not the level of skill and talent that counts as to how successful you are then is it purely the aesthetics of the produced work that sways vast amounts of peoples free will. No, it is like anything in society, it is being in the right place at the right time with the right people behind you, backing you financially and logistically, its about power and influence. Its literally forced upon us, Tracy Emin's recent interview on radio 2 has been ceaselessly advertised almost hourly for 10 days prior to the event. If that was done for ANY artist, they too would be held in high notoriety.

 Now to the question a of style. My own work has gone through a number of directions over time, on occasion a particular style has remained for years, to me this is a normal process, not necessarily anything to do with development,  but rather an exploration of a means of expression that made sense at the time. Personally I believe that a true artist will by default, continue to realise and reorganise their mode of representing the complexities of the world and of living, by which ever means. Being creative is a constant re evaluation of self, time and personal practice, its in constant evolution. I had little sleep last night as I came to a realisation that once again my mind had shifted. The painting I am in the process of at the present time will be the last in my current style, you wont see the style again. I am full of the next big thing and all my attention will be towards a new style. I acknowledge that to others it may appear that i am lost in my direction, however, as I have said its a natural occurrence for me and I have to go where the creative drive takes me. I will be painting over most of my work from 2017 and as a new start for 2018 my work will focus mainly on a return to using oil paint as the main medium, rather than acrylic. If its common practice and has no repercussions as to an artists merit, then I may begin using some of the same easy methods myself rather than completely imaginary work.