Saturday, 30 December 2017

Ideas and philosophy

The universe, and the philosophy of our existence within it, are integral to  human life. You may or may not be totally aware of the big questions, the precedence of a philosophical mind may be hindered by the mundane and banality of work and everyday life, swayed by wealth and notoriety, or repositioned by poverty and hardship. The truth is, most of us get on with existing, in a kind of  happy ignorance of bliss, reminded only when the rat race, complications and practicalities of societal living, give us a reason to dwell on the greater scheme of things. Organised Religion is a mass philosophical  bias and belief in an ultimate creator and existence quantification. If this is you, then that is your prerogative,  ultimately enabling  a reason for it all which is necessary for spiritual happiness, indeed anything that offers this support is absolutely part of being human. The meaning of life  is open for debate as yet no one truly knows. In the mean time, the media in all its guises offers the masses conjecture and promise, huge organisations proliferate vision, guidance and emotional security. Technology enables mass support within its unity of communication. The bottom line is we are all unique and whether we know it or not, we are special, with each their purpose. Collectively we are a wondrous part of a beautiful planet, if we can only mange our deficits and assist each other and the planet we can sustain an environment where true greatness can proliferate , magical things have already happened, made possible by those that have passed and the subsequent guidance from history should assist us to grow intellectually and spiritually. As we strive for goodness and a better future for our offspring we will enjoy the fruits of our labour. As a human race we are destined for great things.

               The arts offer a catalyst for clarity and discourse, a place to find ourselves and make sense of things. As an artist I am fully immersed within a world of intrigue, as a small boy I wondered at my existence and what it was all for, as soon as I could communicate my inner self to the world in order to quantify myself and share ideas, I understood that, it was the most difficult of things.There are many ways to achieve vast communication. For me,  Painting offered a vehicle for expression, that I felt most comfortable with, however, my chosen path, was fraught with potential difficulties.Presented with a vast art history and millions of artists before me inventing and reinventing the course of art was almost  overwhelming. Where could I go how would I accomplish a way of seeing and presenting my ideas that would offer a fresh way without apportioning myself and my style towards that which had been done before? I would say, in today's world that is near impossible. I knew however, that to be able to make a contribution I firstly had to learn the craft, as millions of others had done before me. That is how I began, copying old master works. Later I made my own work within the old master, realist genre. I also produced many self portraits to find myself and question my existence. Through my journey as a painter I have produced many styles reminiscent of other artists and art movements in the past, This was necessary to enable an understanding of technique, but also to place  myself  within a parameter relevant to my own style, by informing my own work it enabled a thorough synthesis of artifacts and notions, the what, how and reason of painting. It was not easy, the road to where I am now with my work was fraught with  disillusionment, angst and disappointment, I destroyed a lot of work (and still do) Those that survive are not given freely, I am never truly happy with anything I produce. However, I continue to push on, I don't know exactly where I will end up stylistically. However, I have  many ideas that need to be realised before I leave this world myself. Ideas come from a multitude of sources. Creativity is both an wonder and a deficit, a need to produce can be overridden by living practicalities, and the nuances of personality traits loom ever constant, some of which are anti work biased and they are sometimes hard to dispel. My ideas are generally generated by observation, both directly and indirectly, I may be driving and be aware of a certain light reflected on the windscreen which may trigger a new strand of thinking. The shape of a leaf or the breath of a breeze, ideas stem from an inquisitive mind and a creative view of the world. Sights, sounds, and people watching, wherever, and whenever  they materialise, it is always exciting. I have sketchbooks, or rather ideas books, where i may just write a word or little diagram, mostly my ideas are within my mind, I keep them there in a place of order to realisation, I say to myself that has to be done before that to make that more sense, or, I will do that by then, then that will lead to maybe that, it is a constant process, I am luckily able to sustain, creativity is a wonderful thing, but it is also burdensome. When inspiration appears it is all consuming, to the exclusion of everything else, the work has to be done, and it is extremely harrowing when life gets in the way and prevents a smooth realisation. My current work is born of much development and a synthesis of hundreds of ideas. My current work is an attempt to accomplish an aesthetic all encompassing of a technological age, that is, not merely a representation  of science fiction but rather an acknowledgement that modern painting should seek to look to the future, in this regard I am aiming to realise a  body of work that addresses the big philosophical questions of what is the nature of existence, why are we here, and what is it all for, pursued through the vehicle of the  human condition and the nature of being. Below is an example of a recent painting entitled W10. A couple intermingle in an embrace, of this world in the sense that copulation and intimacy are observed, but not of this world, or not as yet, Mine is a future world that may already exist in our minds eye. A spiritual place. an extra dimension, of fulfilment , luminosity, and inner enlightenment.